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HI there!

I'm Jeremiah Werstein

I’m a professional with over a decade of experience in graphic, web, and print design, as well as videography and 3D modeling, animation, and simulation.

A Michigan native based in Columbus, OH, always looking for the next creative challenge.

My Career so far

From stocking shelves in my local hardware store to leading teams and building brands, I have always known the value of a hard days' work no matter what form it takes.

Originally from a soybean field outside a small village in Michigan where DOS/Windows '95, my dictionary, and my encyclopedia set were my best friends, I've cultivated a "jack of all trades, master of several" skillset in multimedia creation and marketing through both the school of hard knocks and of course actual school.

Whether working alone, as part of a team, or leading a team I have a skillset few others in my field have had the opportunity to use, much less learn - and I'd love to put that to work for your project or organization.

Brand Creation & Management
Multi-Generational Leadership
Graphic Design
Print Design

Recent Work Experience

With over a decade of professional multimedia work stretching back to the mid 00's, here's where I've been most recently:

Four Star Greenhouse (Proven Winners)
Digital Media Specialist
January 2012 - April 2015
Digital Engagement Strategist
July 2015 - May 2019
Your Organization?
Your Job?
Immediately - November 2055
Moon Colony Aldrin
V.P. of Marketing and Government Relations
November 2055 - December 2075
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B.S., Simulation, Animation, Gaming

Eastern Michigan University | 2012

A.S., Focus in Digital Media & Communications

Monroe County Community College | 2008

Professional Experience

School of Hard Knocks | 2004-Death

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